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  Roaches & How to Kill Them

Best Roach Killer

Do you have a big roach problem? Do you want to get rid of them, but don't know what the best roach killer is because you have kids or pets? If you answered yes to these questions then it's time to considering giving this all natural roach remedy a try.

What is it?

What's this all natural roach killer? Is it really all natural, or it is really some kind of deadly toxin made from supposedly "natural" ingredients?

We're talking about Diatomaceous earth and it's 100% all natural. In fact it's so natural, its just really fine rock powder. At least that's what the stuff you'll be buying is. It's basically a soft rock consisting of micro fossils. The stuff you will be using to get rid of roaches is a white powder.

How does it work?

You may be wondering how he check does it work to kill roaches then if It's just a rock powder. Well Diatomaceous earth, although soft to our touch, still has abrasive properties. It's abrasive enough to damage the protective exoskeleton of a cockroach. It is also very absorbent.

Being abrasive, it is able to cut into a cockroaches exoskeleton. With its protective exoskeleton damaged, it loses water much faster than normal. Add on the fact that this stuff is very absorbent and you get the picture. It eventually leads to dehydration and ultimately death.

The biggest drawback to this stuff is it only works if it comes into direct contact with a cockroach. Meaning they need to walk through the Diatomaceous earth for it to be effective. When they walk over it, it clings to their legs and body. This not only kills the cockroach, but it helps to spread the Diatomaceous earth to so other places--especially locations with high numbers of cockroaches.

How do you use it?

According to using Diatomaceous earth to kill roach is a simple enough process. What's difficult and often leads to failures and negative experiences is in the fine details of how you’re applying it. To use it you just dust it in appropriate locations in the house. Appropriate locations include areas where you suspect might be hiding a lot of roaches. High traffic areas where roaches frequently move through are also ideal dusting spots too.

So if all you have to do is dust it, what could possibly go wrong? One, you could be dusting the wrong areas completely. Remember that direct contact is required for Diatomaceous earth to work its magic. Two, dusting doesn't meat unloading a pile of powder. There is such a thing as too much. You have to apply a very light layer (so light that you can barely see it). If a cockroach has to cross through ac mountain of Diatomaceous earth, it will probably just choose to go around it.

Helpful tips

You can just jump in and apply what you've just learned and get good results. You can also try some of the other tips found here, but to get the best results, try following some of these tips:

  • Avoid applying in moist locations. Remember that this stiff is highly absorbent. It will absorb any excess moisture and clump up (rendering it useless for killing roaches).
  • Avoid liquids. Just as you should avoid moisture, avoid getting the powder wet.
  • Dust along the baseboards in your kitchen and rooms where you see a lot of cockroaches.
  • If you're trying to limit exposure to children and pets completely then remove the baseboards, dust behind it and cover it with the baseboard again.
  • Give the roaches a reason to crawl through the "field of death". Tempt them with a piece of food they can't resist at the center. The Diatomaceous earth is odorless so it won't deter theme it unless there's too much of it.

This is as natural as it gets. If you want a completely natural best roach killer then give Diatomaceous earth a shot.